Pastor to Missionaries/Member Care

We are part of the ReachGlobal (Evangelical Free Church of America) Member Care Team.

The Member Care Team exists: To glorify God by enouraging, equipping and exhorting our global mission community toward full health and effectiveness.

The ministry focus is: Member Care is proactive and preventative, as well as responsive and reactive; building into lives of individuals through growth and development opportunities, as well as responding to needs and crisis events.

The Harris Mission: Providing a sheltering haven for those who minister in Europe.

Harris Ministry Focus:

**Providing a haven of relationship as an overflow of our gifts, strengths, and God’s grace through visits, contacts, City Team meetings, conferences, debriefings, seminars, and various training opportunities.

**Providing a haven of time and place; offering an overflow of our home to colleagues who are visiting in Minnesota.


1 thought on “Pastor to Missionaries/Member Care”

  1. Thanks for the RSVP, Deb! We will miss you. Thank you so much for your partnership!

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