Do missionaries really need a pastor?

Normal, regular people need pastoral care. And, missionaries are normal, regular people. In fact, receiving care in their homes and places of ministry is a gift. This comes alive in a comment offered by a colleague who works on the other side of the world: Those of us who are on the field know what a blessing on-site pastoral care is.

How is your pastoral ministry funded?

The ministry of caring for missionaries is funded with gifts to the Harris Individual Ministry Account, #1850.  www.efca.org/give-now

A European missionary, who is an economics professor, said to us: You are cheap! By that he meant, the cost/benefit analysis shows that member care (pastor to missionaries) is extremely beneficial from financial, spiritual and relational perspectives in the field retention of missionaries.

How much time will you spend in Europe? And, when you aren’t in Europe what are you doing?

We will travel to Europe for three to four weeks at a time, three or four times a year, to provide missionary care in person. Responsibilities on the home front include Skype calls, emails, letters, phone calls, trainings, assessments, debriefings with missionaries at the national office, etc.





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