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Brian.Fish.May31Your life. My life. Our lives. Planning. Organizing. Making lists. Ignoring lists. Doing. Working. Being busy.  Staying on top of things. We tell ourselves to just keep breathing. Do the next thing. One foot in front of the other.

And then. The punch comes. The wind gets knocked out of us. We can’t breathe. We wake up tired. Or, surgery stops us. Or, we can’t think for ourselves. Or, we can’t possibly do the next thing. Or, we find it impossible to pray, to sit with the One who loves us so.

We have forgotten what it means to take a deep breath. To give ourselves breathing space. To wait. To rest. To catch our breath.

So. Catch your breath. Breathe in the God-colors. Catch a fish. Soak up the sun.

Catch your breath. Porch sit. Drink lemonade. Rock in the swing.

Catch your breath. Lift up your eyes. See what you are missing. Broaden your scope.

Catch your breath. Savor the God-flavors. Sip your coffee. Feel your heartbeat.

Catch your breath. Steep yourself in God’s Word. Immerse yourself in what He has to say to you. Be restored.

“Lord…in your tender kindness, breathe life into me again.” Psalm 119:159, The Passion Translation