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2017-07-29 - Copy.1Deep sigh. Quietness. After days of activity and noise, the bucolic Slovenian village was a gift to our souls.

Seeking even more quiet we wandered past vibrant gardens, village farmyards, and rows of tasseled corn, accompanied by the sound of ringing church bells. Another sigh. So good for the soul.

Just past the fields of beautiful corn stood the strong trees of the local forest. Crossing the threshold into the shade we lifted our eyes to encounter an elderly man. The simple words he offered seemed to be another blessing.

Dober dan,” fell upon our ears. A quiet greeting. Given with a soft smile. “Good day,” we extended in return. Goodness for the soul.

In contrast.

At a busy airport.

“Are you with him?”, was asked of the woman ahead of me.

“Yes. Unfortunately.” was her reply.

His poor soul! And mine, too, for having even heard her words.

Our words. My words. Your words. Together may we bless the souls around us. Life, rather than depletion. Goodness for the soul.