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2017-07-20 12.37.41And God saw all that He had made and it was very good.

Creation. Craggy mountain-tops. Rain-dripped jungles. Grainy deserts.

And. Slovenian shores tickled by the ocean. Glorious soul-satisfying sunsets. A spot where, this week, God’s ReachGlobal servants living throughout Europe are finding rest.

He rested…and He will give rest.

Rest from the work of building churches. Teaching in schools and seminaries. Caring for the marginalized. Learning language. Immersion in an adopted culture.

Rest from the noise. The babel of city living. The hum of ordinary, and extraordinary, days. The commotion of life.

Rest from schedules. Concerns. Annoyances. Involvement. Occupation. Fears.

Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and rest.

Not. By yourself. But. By yourselves. With each other.  And with Him. Rest. In the quiet. Be strengthened. Be encouraged. With one another. Laugh. Share your stories. Talk to the Father. Together.

Blessed are we, Brian and Diane, to be agents in that rest as “Pastors to Missionaries”. Providing a listening ear. An offered prayer. A hearty laugh. Ministers of grace to our colleagues called apart to rest.

Scripture: Genesis 1:31; Genesis 2:2; Matthew 11:28; Mark 6:31