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Plan goodness. Reading the foreward, written by Dr. Henry Cloud, to John Ortberg’s book,2017-07-13 Soul Keeping, this two word phrase caught my heart. Plan goodness. 

I looked over the last week in my mind. Had I planned goodness?

The majority of the week had been given over to training new ReachGlobal staff moving across the world. Full of teaching and encouragement, listening and praying, those days had definitely been busy…and good.

2017-07-15 brought the delight of family celebrating a birthday. Turning 3 years old is a big deal! And, of course, there was planning…a cake, ice cream, gifts.


What does it mean to plan goodness? Am I intentional in my relationships to plan goodnessAm I willing to plan goodness? How do I plan goodness? All of this, and more, pulls at my heart.

Plan goodness.