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Co dům dá. Czech for, “what the house gives,” this simple phrase refers generally2017. to  “whatever you have that can create a meal, put it in the pot”. Sometimes those really are the best meals and those are the best times of coming together as friends.

We have been in Prague for a week, visiting with workers/friends throughout the city. Discovering what God is doing. Where He is working. Along the way we have laughed. Teased. Prayed. Experienced cdům dá. Each one brings what they can to the meal. The meal of friendship. The meal of God’s work. The meal of life.

Co dům dá. A week of life in the home of Trca. Ritch and Susan Trca give of their hospitality to us. A place to stay. Sweet, and sometimes challenging, conversations. Family. Rest. Open doors and open arms.

This day, before we leave for Innsbruck, we experienced cdům dá at the table. A meal was created with leftovers. Conversation was shared with friends, one via Skype. And it was good. “What the house gives.” Co dům dá. God working through us. Giving to each other. It is good!