2017-05-04 15.14.55-1Encouragement came this week by way of the mailbox.

Stepping out of the car Monday afternoon, I was a bit weary having proctored testing at the local middle school. Yes, I had been back in an environment I love, and miss; but, the days had been full. And, there was work waiting for me in the house. My mind was already moving ahead to the suitcases on the bedroom floor. To the missionaries we would be seeing in Europe at the end of the week. To the lists spread across the dining room table.

Before entering the house I moved to the mailbox. I wasn’t expecting anything other than flyers, credit card offers, and ads; but, there it was. A large envelope just for me. I knew immediately that it came from some precious women. Women who care for me. Who care for us.

There was a monetary gift in the envelope to be used for something “that would make me smile”. Just the thought made me grin. But, more than that, and so very precious, were the handwritten notes of encouragement. Sweet words to my spirit. Encouragement to my soul. Friends taking the time to extend life to me. To let me know of their prayers as we continue to travel across the ocean, ministering to God’s servants. Shared ministry. Their prayers. Our going. Each dependent on the other.

Both of us need help. I can help make your faith strong and you can do the same for me. We need each other.  Romans 1:12