Once upon a time there was a wonderful little dog named Stanley. download_20161028_175854

Capturing hearts, Stanley entered the lives of Anna and Dan at just the right time. The time of young marriage. The time of moving beyond school and into careers. Out of an apartment into a house. Somehow that little guy helped with all those transitions.

And, while Stanley was helping with all those transitions, his little paws walked right into the hearts of the rest of the family. Our family. He stood watch over the littlest members. Laid at the feet of others. And, enjoyed every walk he could take with any of us.

Last Thursday our daughter Anna and her little dog Stanley ran into trouble. A neighborhood dog attacked. Friends ran to the rescue. Anna’s puncture wound was bandaged. The vet seemed confident that Stanley would recover.

But, all did not go as expected. Against all hope, Stanley could not sustain his severe injuries and his heart simply stopped beating.

One little dog. Bringing delight. A precious gift from God. We are thankful he was part of our lives.