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2017-03-05 arches. Soaring columns. Wind-swept mosaics. We eat our lunch at the edge of the ancient city of Jerash, Jordan.

6,500 years. Chariot ruts threading archaic pavement.  Deeply worn steps marching to theater seats. Baths. Temples. Fountains. Evidences of vital, potent life. Now home to lizards and sheep.

Life continues. People move out. Lizards and sheep move in. While the ancient ruins no longer house people, the modern-day Jerash is just down the hill. Filled with people, there is life. For now.

Nations rise and fall. Kingdoms come and go. Evidence of life strides across the landscape. Inevitable change. Only the Lord, the great God of heaven, remains constant. We, and the workers for whom we provide care, continue to share this ancient message. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. Hebrews 13:8.