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2017-02-18-02-54-23-1Across an ocean. Into another world. We step into a room filled with women and children. Syrian refugees.

I lock eyes with as many as possible, silently praying the love of Jesus over them. Curly haired little girls. Running boys. Jimmy approaches. A sprightly 14 year old boy, he practices his English as he formally introduces himself and extends his hand for a firm handshake.

Turning, I am drawn into a room filled with women. I am their Bible teacher for the day. Who am I to talk with them? I, who lack for nothing. They, who need everything. Incredibly, God’s Word draws us close.

I speak of Dorcas, or Tabitha. Acts 9:36-43. Full of good works. Good works flowing from a grateful heart given to Jesus. There. In the front row. A beautiful Syrian woman. Wide-eyed, in Arabic she expresses the thought that maybe they had to leave Syria to hear about Jesus. She is grateful.

I am grateful. To know Jesus and make him known.