52 weeks in a year. One photo a week. Telling our stories.


Southern California. In January. Sunshine and palm trees. A perfect place to hold the semi-annual meetings of our Member Care Team. We thought.

 Our plane landed in a rainstorm. We loaded cars in the rain. Drove in the rain. Settled into our lodging in the rain. We watched the rain for two days. Wind whistled through the windows. The roof leaked. The furnace didn’t work. We bundled up in layers. And, had the time of our lives!

As Pastors to Missionaries with ReachGlobal, we are part of the Member Care Team. Fourteen of us gathered together in this, the fourth week of January. We worshiped. We laughed. We prayed. We shared. We laughed. We learned. We trained. We laughed. We listened. We laughed. Oh, we laughed!

The sun appeared. And, we laughed!