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Crisp, white tablecloths. Rough, splintered boards. A plaid blanket tossed upon a patch of grass. A table, offering the life of meat and drink, the life of togetherness. bliss

A platter of meat, shared with friends, in a quaint Bulgarian restaurant. Savory bites. Choice conversation. “…a sweet friendship refreshes the soul.”  Proverbs 27:9

In a garden. A table, spread, prepared for guests to gather. Water heating for soothing tea. Cheese. Eggs. Cucumbers. Laid against the 2016-09-30-18-10-40-1backdrop of towering trees, a luscious green lawn, and bright flowers, spirits begin to settle, to breathe. Precious 2016-09-30-18-22-04refreshment. Sharing life brings health. Renewal. The ability to “keep on keeping on.” Around the table.






Lunch, purchased at a tiny island store, prepared on a park bench, and shared with friends. Crisp apples, cheese and bread become a Croatian banquet. A table, spread.

Breakfast by the sea. Mediterranean pines towering over conversations. A table, spread. Connections revived. Connections discovered. 2016-10-07-17-44-58-1        Confidences exchanged. Friendships standing ready because of the love of the Father. In His deep love is communion with one another. Retreating from the world. Just a few days. Seeing His face. Sharing a table, spread.

2016-06-12-12-23-24-1And then. A table, spread to remember. Communion. The bread. The wine. Given and taken. To remember. Jesus. Our Jesus, giving his life. A table, spread.

Because of Him we find ourselves at various tables, with a great variety of people. A park bench. By the sea. In a garden. Each table, spread with food; but more importantly, each table offering shared life and encouragement. Life. A table, spread.