We partied! We celebrated! Stories were told. Gratefulness was expressed.

This job of ours can’t be done alone. Together. Providing care for missionaries. Us and you.

One week ago we held a Thank You Party. This party was for all of you, whether or not you were able to attend. Thank you for the love. Thank you for the friendship. Thank you for the support. Thank you for upholding us in our ministry to missionaries.

Throughout the evening we were able to share sentiments of thankfulness expressed by missionaries with whom we work. One missionary family sent a letter to be shared, recounting our last visit with them: “Your presence brought a reassurance…You were there to pray…You were there to listen…You were there to minister God’s Word to us, encouraging us…You were there just to be with us, to cry with us, to dream with us, and to laugh with us. It was a healing visit for us. A sincere thanks to all of your friends, as well, who have supported you both through prayer and resources.”  Please accept their thanks and ours!

And next time – come to the party!            2016-09-15-18-41-09