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Bible   Bucharest breezes. June in Bucharest is beautiful! Breezes of warmth blow through the gorgeous, green city parks. The breeze of a beautiful romance language floats past our ears. The busy wind of millenials bound for their IT offices crowd us at the the metro along with students, families, and tourists. And, we find ourselves waiting upon God for His breezes.Prayer

Holy Spirit breeze. In a city of 2 million plus people there are groups of believers calling upon God to move among the population, calling them to Himself. Missionaries from Kenya, South Sudan, Romania, and the USA gather to ask the Holy Spirit to breeze across Romania.

Sweet breeze. Roma (Gypsy) children are often 2016-06-07 15.59.59unable to receive an education in the public sector as they cannot afford the supplies and uniforms necessary to attend school, to say nothing of the ridicule to which they would be subjected. The Ruth School has stepped into that gap. An amazing group of missionaries, volunteers, and others surround these children with love.

Minnesota breeze. Brian was in his sweet spot, preparing aPancake Supper pancake supper, complete with scrambled eggs and little smokies, for our missionary colleagues in Bucharest. Yummy food, accompanied by the sweet breeze of friendship, was the order of the evening. Although not everyone 2016-06-08 17.19.21-1from the ReachGlobal Bucharest team was able to gather around the pancake table, we were able to enjoy their friendship in other spots around the city as we walked, talked and ate together.2016-06-08 13.03.49

Bucharest breezes. Evidences of God’s almighty hand at work in hearts and lives.