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So many of our experiences as pastors to missionaries in Europe can be described as grand.Grand Market Grand relationships…grand conversations…grand travel…grand answers to prayer…even the buildings we visit are grand, as in the Grand Market in Budapest, Hungary.

Budapest also boasts the Grand Hotel and the Grand Synagogue. Grand architecture and grand culture aside, there is grand need.

History has been unkind to Hungarians. Invasions and occupations from the Turks and Mongols, to the Germans and Russians have left deep wounds on a people who are now recognized as quite pessimistic. A grand loss of hope marks the people of Hungary.

2016-03-17 19.40.25And yet, there is a Grand Redeemer! Over the course of four days we participated in the Budapest Summit, prepared and given by the Reach Budapest Team of ReachGlobal. We learned how this remarkable team is sharing our Grand Redeemer, Jesus Christ, through art, English language classes, an art cafe, refugee ministry, university connections, education and friendships.

Jesus Christ, the answer to any grand situation, crisis, or need. For Budapest and the world.