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Who knew that we, Brian and Diane, two sixty-somethings, would have such a fabulous time at a senior high retreat! 70 students full of life!Worship Band.1

Who knew the worship times would be so dynamic!

Who knew the students would be so articulate and focused!

Who knew that God had uniquely prepared our hearts to share His heart!

Who knew the students would be so ready to receive what God planned!

Who knew we would enjoy the noise, laughter and fun so much!

2016-02-13 knew a dozen students would attend a missions workshop, eager to use their giftedness for the Lord!

Who knew wonderful connections would be made and new friendships formed between this grandma and grandpa and dynamic students in the middle of Wisconsin!


Who knew, but God. He who sees the hearts, the lives, the energy, the longings, the willingness, the struggles. And, we are grateful. For the weekend. The opportunities. The blessings.

Group 1.1

Group 2.1

Brian.1                 Diane at Riverside.1

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