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So it begins. The new year. Empty squares and blank pages. 2016. The full calendar IMG_20160127_162919squares of 2015 draw to a close, and the squares of 2016 don’t stay empty for long.

January squares hold a week of meetings of our ReachGlobal Member Care Team. This team, of which we are a part, works to bring care to IMG_20160117_084456~2missionaries around the world. Together we talk, discuss, confer, and mull a variety of topics pertinent to missionary life. All the while enjoying views of a beautiful winter.

And the January calendar squares continue to unfold. Next is a trip to Montreal. We have not yet been there to engage in member care. We go to develop relationships, to understand what it is like to live in a North American country other than our own, to engage, to listen and to learn.

Then it will be February. With more calendar squares. Some blank and empty. Some so full of uncommon activities we wonder at our sanity. Brian turns 63 years Riversideold and we are off to speak at a senior high youth retreat. Really! Or, maybe that should be…Really?

We will go and tell stories. God stories. His miraculous workings in the hearts of men. World stories.  All beginning when we were in senior high ourselves. Esther and Moses. Abraham and Brian. Eve, a ’64 Mustang, Noah, Joseph and Diane. God. In the pages of Scripture and our lives. In the blank squares of 2016. Because of God the stories become stories with purpose, meaning and hope.

And then. Once empty, now full squares. A full page. February into March. We will board the plane. Innsbruck, Austria; Szczecin, Poland; Prague, Czech Republic; and Budapest, Hungary. The first visit with some, the second visitIMG_1287.1 with others, and the umpteenth visit with others. All good. Rich with relationship. Rich with God. Offering and giving care in His name so that others might continue in the work He has given them.

Your prayers make this possible. Our hearts are grateful. God’s children connected throughout the world. And the calendar fills.