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Last week we ventured out on our annual hunt for our Christmas tree. I suppose you could say that we were hunting for Christmas by traipsing over the snowy ground with our granddaughter. And, we found it! That is, we found our tree; and, as for Christmas, we have been finding Christmas all year long.

We have found Christmas, by finding God sightings, in:

  • Our family

View More: http://jessicalindyphotography.pass.us/harris-family-fall-2015

  • Our ministry, including the logistics – 15 countries visited.

    Time with 55+ family groups, in the U.S. and abroad.

    Interactions with 40+ ReachGlobal missionary kids, mostly in their homes.

    Visits to international schools.

    6 events in debriefing missionaries returning to the states for home assignment.

    3 training conferences/retreats.

    1 large conference of all ReachGlobal missionaries serving in Europe.

    Many visits with ReachGlobal personnel here in the U.S., at the national office in Bloomington, MN and in various places around the country.

    Multiple Skype calls, emails, blog posts, postal letters, phone conversations, plane flights, and metro-bus-train-tram-taxi rides. It is good to remember that behind all the logistics are hearts, families, needs, joys….lives.

  • Relationships – One of the missionary couples with whom we recently spent time has written: We had just arrived back on the field for another term. We were excited to be back, but we were also alone. Our lone teammate had been called back to America.  It was about this time that we heard that the director of our mission had resigned due to moral failure. We felt discouraged and disconnected from the mission. It was around this time that Brian and Diane came to visit us. They helped us process our emotions and reminded us of the importance of keeping our walk with the Lord right. Their positive attitude provided the pastoral care we needed. We greatly appreciate Brian and Diane’s ministry. They were there for us at a time we needed them, and they blessed us beyond what we could have asked…Missionaries need pastors too.
  • Partnerships – So many  have participated in the care we provide missionaries, and we are so grateful.  We cannot minister/work/live without partnerships. We find Christ’s presence in the partnerships of prayer, friendship and finances. If you would like to partner with us in prayer and friendship, please respond to this posting. If you would like to partner financially, click this link, making note of our account #1850.

Finding Christmas – finding Christ – everywhere. IMG_20151127_133437~2

Blessings as you continue the hunt!