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IMG_1587.1When it is time for a break from your daily routine, where do you go? What do you do for restoration? In Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes, many of us head for a family cabin. Within a few hours we can drop a line into a favorite fishing hole, pack into the Wilderness Boundary Waters Canoe Area, or settle into an Adirondack chair positioned perfectly to watch the sunset.

But, if you live in Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina, where do you go to clear your mind and renew your spirit? While there are many beautiful areas in the city, it is still the city. Busy. Full of needs and wants directed toward the missionaries who work to alleviate pain, problems, and hunger. To be at their best, these workers need a break as much as you and I do in our daily jobs. So, they head west out of Sarajevo, tally up a couple hundred miles and simply turn left at the blue mosque.

It can be a little hard to picture, but in the same amount of time it takes many of us to reach our favorite get-away “up north,” one can drive through the mountains of Bosnia Herzegovina, cross through a border check into Croatia, and be in a land of palm trees and salt water. Imagine that! It seems strange to us U.S. folk, but it really is possible to travel through many countries in a short amount of time when in Europe.

Our heavenly Creator molded incredible vistas all over this great earth for ourIMG_1603.2 enjoyment and His satisfaction. It seems our spirits cry out to experience Him in the places He makes available to us; and He, in turn, renews us as we dare to dip our toes into what He has given us. Sweet refreshment to be had by simply heading out.

Water, blue skies, and quiet. Split, Croatia or Grand Marais, Minnesota. Each has its
own exotic quality and restorative spirit. Just turn left at the blue mosque!