Outside the front door, there they are, the babushkas.IMG_9100.1 Tongues clacking and hands moving, they regard all those who come and go with strict awareness. We offer the common greeting, dobry den, beginning our day under their observant eye.

Here we are. Life in a place previously unknown to us. What will we find? How is God moving in this part of the world? The evening news tells us that there is a war, but we hear the chatter of children’s voices from the nearby playground and harmonies rising from a glistening monastery.IMG_1083.1

War? Really?


And. Then. Evidence. Families forced from their homes. No jobs. Scarcity.

Provision. In Kiev. Logos Center. A home, away from home, for internally displaced people, refugees, from Eastern Ukraine.

A haven, centered on God. Food.   IMG_1059

Shelter. Care.

And, a place to open God’s Word.

God working. Alleluia.

His sweetness. In the big city. In the small city.


A home. And a church. Outside of Kiev. Another point of grace.

God’s grace anointing a ministry to families of special needs children.

More sweetness. Touching families. Drawing dear ones to Jesus.

And then celebration! Laughter.IMG_1074.1

Delight. Gratitude.

Sweet blessings!