What is your world like? Outside your front door? Down your street? Across the path? Are your neighbors friendly? Inviting?


Or, is the road a bit rough where you live?

Wamena Ridge

Is your city crowded? Do you live in a quiet valley? Is it difficult to get around?


What is life like in your part of the world? Do you see your neighbors often? Does ministry occur in and through your relationships?


Our tongues bounced with these questions many times over the last months as we contemplated visiting missionaries in places unknown to us. Places we hadn’t been…yet. Multiple times the plane circled, landed, and our questions began to be answered.

And, here we go again. We have questions thumping about our brains. Soon we will be visiting where we have not yet been. Kiev, Budapest, Sofia, and Sarajevo. What is the world like outside the front doors of our missionaries? Down the street? Across the path?


In what ways do their hearts sing? Hurt? How can we minister? What can we do to help in the missional task? We don’t yet know, for we haven’t been there…yet. But, it won’t be long! We are on our way!