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IMG_0465Our adventure of a second journey in
providing care began on the Mediterranean Sea.

This remarkable place once held more than one monastery, a few Christian gathering places, IMG_0488as well as churches; but, those structures have faded into the landscape.

But! The God who helps is beginning to move. Prayer is paving the way and this pile of Ebenezer stones signifying IMG_0485His help stands as a testament to His strength in moving the hearts of the people toward Him.

Banska Bystrica, Slovakia, on the Hron River between three mountain ranges, was our IMG_20150716_113718stop between the seas. Evidence of God’s exceptional imagination marked the journey!

Not only was there a change in landscape, but a change in the work being done in Jesus’ name was also evident. A seminary, a Christian school, churches – and overwhelming opportunities to live out Jesus and tell His story. Seminary professors and school teachers are welcome to apply!

Back to the sea! This time the Adriatic Sea. Salt water, buoyancy, beautiful tiny towns, IMG_0607and extremely narrow streets called us to adventure. While it was certainly fun to explore, the adventure found between four walls was exceptional as well.

We were invited to participate in the SERVEurope retreat, which allowed us an observation window into all this team does to provide resources for those working in Europe. That is, strategy, mobilization, communication, planning, budgeting and a myriad of other elements which keep teams and individuals on the field and running smoothly. We were so grateful to come alongside in discussion, pondering and brainstorming.

Slovenia’s pull on us culminated with the bi-annual gathering of all missionaries working in Europe. As we wrapped up the SERVEurope meetings, we moved into greeting 300+IMG_0702 workers and their families as they poured into the conference center. The children’s greetings were the best! We welcomed every hug received! For the next few days together we enjoyed worship, teaching, prayer…and the sea. How good is our God to give respite in ministry.

And there you have it – our journey between the seas, in just a few short sentences. We are always happy to give lengthier sentences and greater detail to those who ask!