As church kids growing up in the 50’s and 60’s, we often heard missionary stories about the Dark Continent of Africa. We heard stories of witch doctors and the pagan lifestyles of “the heathen.”

Things have changed. While they are still many unbelievers in Africa who need the gospel, spiritual light has permeated the continent.  Today some of the fastest growing and most spiritually vibrant churches are in Africa. Some of the African churches are sending missionaries to other places. We personally know of a man from Ghana who served as a short team missionary in China.

In our preparations to serve as Pastor to Missionaries in Europe, we often hear Europe described by missionaries in Europe as “The New Dark Continent”.  However, missions’ pastors also recognize this reality. As part of our Ministry Partnership Development we have been sending emails to many pastors and missions leaders. In those emails we do refer to Europe as The New Dark Continent. In response, an EFCA missions’ pastor, replied: Spiritually, it is indeed the “New Dark Continent” and needs to be included in the unreached people groups discussions, as generations of people are living without real access to the gospel or gospel-believing Christians.

Note the following from the European Forum and other sources:

  • Less than 2% of Europeans actively follow Jesus Christ.
  • 9 out of 12 Atheistic/Agnostic countries in the world are in Europe.
  • The number of atheists and agnostics in Europe has grown 80x in the past 100 years.
  • Europe has become the Intellectual center of the world. (Especially since 9/11).
  • While once the preachers of Biblical Christianity, Europeans have forgotten what they have forgotten.

Therefore, our missionaries serving in Europe need the ministry and prayers of American churches and believers. They need a Sheltering Haven when worn out and beaten down from their attempts to be salt and light, in such a spiritually dark place. That is our call, our adventure to be a Sheltering Haven for those who minister in Europe. Will you help us….help them?

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