IMG_9778I sense a growing fascination on my part for the word, enquire; or, as it is more commonly spelled, inquire. To enquire of someone brings to mind serious questioning. Asking is common. Enquiring is to ask with formality, as if to say: I have an earnest desire to know.

My fascination is not primarily with the word. Rather, my attraction is with the word as it is couched in Scripture when referring to enquiring of the Lord. David enquires of the Lord in multiple Old Testament instances when he is seeking the action to be taken in battle. Of course the word is found in other verses of Scripture, but I’m stuck on the concept of enquiring of God. Me enquiring of God.

Enquiring. In conversation, which words should come out of my mouth. In life, which direction should I take. In relationship, how should I manifest Jesus’ love.  I must invite the Lord into my decisions. I must invite Him into everything. 

To enquire of the Lord. A formal question of earnest desire for an answer, even a specific answer. To enquire of the Lord. Earnest studying. Earnest seeking. Earnest invitation. Come Lord Jesus.