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darreningawedding-166Now what…has turned into six weeks of this, that and the other thing! To be more specific, we returned from our First Journey Adventure to a home buzzing with activity for the wedding of our daughter, Inga, to Darren Ewing. Barely a week after our return we welcomed 30 guests into our home and celebrated this marriage and formation of a new family. Joy!

Two weeks after the wedding we moved the new family into their new apartment. Whew!

In between the wedding and the move we spent some time in debriefing appointments with missionaries who are on home assignment or who are permanently returning to life in the United States. We became the keepers of remarkable stories of adventure, heartache, joy and challenges. The stories run deep in our hearts.

Our time was also spent at MCtwo Midwest Conference on Missionary Care. We soaked in the encouragement and the mentoring which centered on ministering to the whole (missionary) family.

While we are in our home in Minnesota our missionary care extends into Skype calls, emails, phone calls, FaceBook interactions, and visits with missionaries who happen to be staying in, or passing through, the Twin Cities. We email frequently with our own team members, participate in Skype meetings and are looking forward to face-to-face meetings with our Member Care Team for a week in April.

But, the real skin-on-journey of finding balance in this new life of ours has now begun in earnest. Each day is unique. This is not a nine-to-five job. The “now what” consists of being ready for anything at any time. So, get the house in order: spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally. Ready for what He asks of us.

Skin-on-journey. You probably are in the middle of your own. Get the house in order!