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IMG_9669Maiden Voyage. Completed. In the midst of a swirl of emotions, full thoughts, and a bit of jet lag, there is worship. Of our Most Heavenly Father. Back home, standing with the congregation, yesterday, Sunday morning, we sang: God You reign, God You reign. Forever and ever, God You reign. 

He reigns. And so we are able to live, and move, and have our being. We are able to travel as pastors to missionaries to listen, to encourage, to pray, to weep, and to become part of the story of God’s work in the world.

He reigns. Maiden Voyage. Completed.

He reigns. We attempt to process all we have seen, heard, and absorbed.

He reigns. House churches. International worship services. A Greek Bible college.

He reigns. An empty building rented for a church plant. A Wisconsin connection in the middle of Athens.

He reigns. Teams of workers. Single families working alone. Adoptions.

He reigns. Dinner with Eva and Marous, a Polish ministry couple. Meals with our fellow missionaries.

He reigns. Puppet shows produced by missionary kids. Shared laughter. Prayer. A piano concert.

He reigns. Vestiges of communism. Gray block buildings. Monument to the fall of communism. Graffiti. Buses. Metros. Trams. Taxis. Planes.

He reigns. Sunshine. Olive trees. Fresh baked bread. Sweet shops.

He reigns. We tell our story. We listen as stories are told. Resilience. Theirs and ours. Together.

He reigns. We leave behind, and yet carry in our hearts, new found friends, renewed friendships, whispered prayers, and quiet worship.

He reigns. Forever and ever.