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We are nearing the end of our journey, our maiden voyage as pastors to missionaries. But, we have made one last stop before heading home. Athens, Greece.IMG_9510.1 A place of sun, birds singing, and a bit of spring. Here we have found Stefanos and Manon Mihalios working at the only Bible College in Greece. Stefanos teaches, and Manon comes alongside the students in a variety of ways.

We have seen a taste of ministry here, not only at the college, but also in the center of town where refugees and immigrants are finding a new home. Stefanos and Manon are working to create a place of refuge in the everyday lives of these people.

IMG_9546They have rented a place for worship, training, and conversation. A place of small beginnings and great hopes. This space has just become theirs, and while there is much physical prep work to be done, we were able to stand with them in dedication of the building, singing He is Lord. As the last notes echoed and died away, we committed the building in prayer and praise.

While we listen to the God stories and engage in the lives of Stefanos and Manon, we are thoroughly enjoying the sunshine. As Manon says, we are reducing the RPM’s of our journey by spending time with them in Athens!IMG_9548.1