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SZCZECIN, POLAND.  A city once very familiar to Hitler and to Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a German clergyman of great distinction, who actively opposed the Nazis and Hitler, costing him his life.

It is difficult to imagine these two men greatly acquainted with the same place. But today we stood in the very spot on the waterfront in which Hitler stood to have his photograph taken with some of his Nazi leaders. Clay, the 10 year-old son of Christina and Loren, our hosts, joined us.

Szczecin, once a German city, has been a part of Poland since the end of World War II and is full of remarkable history. Today we toured a beautiful cathedral, looked out over the city from the cathedral tower, ate wild mushroom soup in a quiet restaurant, and enjoyed all the bits of history Loren shared with us.


Touring a city is not complete without a little people watching. We watched this woman watch us from her perch above the city, stretching out of her window to catch all that was going on in the street below.


And now at the end of this sweet day we are reminded that the people of this city, and all of us, need the Christ of the manger. By His grace He came for us, and by His grace we live.