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Last loads of laundry. Packed bags. Where did I put….? Do you think we could fit in one more…?

All the physical necessities; but, there, laying under the last “to do” list and in between the pages of our journals we find the true concern of our hearts voiced in silent prayers. Lord, may we be Your hands and feet as we go. May we listen with ears and hearts that truly hear. May we bring Your comfort when needed, Your encouragement, and even Your charge. The ones to whom we go need You through us. May it be so.

And, tomorrow, after the good-byes are said, we will board the plane. Bags will be loaded. We will nestle into our seats, pull out the blankets, and nod off until we reach Amsterdam where we make the connection for the next flight.

One leg at a time. The journey will unfold. Thank you, Jesus.

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