Twenty-eight months ago we made a decision to take a step. To begin a journey. To ask. To knock. To question. To seek God’s face. To seek His wisdom.

We had an interview, filled out applications and more applications, had more interviews, talked theology, wrote theology, talked. And prayed some more.

The answer became not, we will see, but yes, this is true. This is right. We were accepted with ReachGlobal to become pastors to missionaries for Europe.

We dug in. We began the work of raising support, building partnerships, and spreading the word. Life began changing.

Same old, same old continued, with changes also marking time. This past Sunday time stopped with the admonition to remember. Remember almost 12 years of ministry at Trinity Evangelical Free Church. Remember almost 38 years of ministry as “pastor and wife.” Remember what has been, to move ahead into what will be.

So, we celebrate what has been, and move ahead into what will be. No longer local church ministry. Now, it is ministry with missionaries in Europe. We continue to raise support for the day we are able to fully engage in this new ministry.

The journey continues. One foot in front of the other. We need partners. Prayer. Friendship. Giving. Partners.

The journey continues. Change continues. One job ends. Another begins. With praise and gratefulness. The journey continues.

This link provides the contact needed for the financial piece: Give-Now

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Begin, or continue, your own journey.

(Photograph courtesy of K. Schmid)