Below is our latest “newsletter.” In an effort to post the latest news in many spots,   our update is inserted below for anyone who may have missed the news via FB, postal mail, or email.

Dear Ones,

A few months ago we shared with you details of our prospective Sheltering Haven ministry under ReachGlobal, the mission arm of the Free Church. Since then so many of you have encouraged, prayed and supported us in this adventure; and, of late, many have asked for an update. So here it is!

Some of the details have changed, and additional personal details have come into play. Take a look at our updated plans:

• Our monthly costs have been reduced to $9,640, as the plan is that we will now live in America and make extended trips to Europe.
• Our start-up costs have been reduced to $24,472, with the change in living location.
• Monthly support has reached 41%.
• Start-up support has reached 100%.
• We have sold our home in Elko, and are buying a townhouse near Northfield, in the small town of Dundas. Living in a townhouse will give us the flexibility of extended travel without the home maintenance and care.
• Closing on both homes is scheduled for the morning of June 28, 2013.
• Brian remains in his position as associate pastor of adult ministries at Trinity Evangelical Free Church, and Diane continues in her position as media assistant in the Northfield Middle School, until full ReachGlobal support is in place.
• Ministry partnership development is so very important and we welcome opportunities to share in churches, with mission teams, and in personal conversations.
• EFCA ONE, the Free Church national conference, is being held in New Orleans, July 1-3. We will attend as an EFCA pastoral couple, and also on behalf of ReachGlobal. During this time we will have the opportunity to serve as pastor to missionaries in a preconference event for missionaries preparing to go to Europe.
• ReachGlobal leadership is graciously inviting us to attend the Europe Division Conference, July 24-30, in Slovenia. We are eagerly looking forward to meeting the RG missionaries serving in Europe. Although we do not yet have full monthly support pledged, the leadership is taking a step of faith with us that this support will be forthcoming; and, with that, extended the conference invitation to us.

Although this letter is full of facts and figures, please know that we are sharing our hearts with you. We are so grateful for all the encouragement we have received. If you would like to be a part of this adventure, whether financially, in prayer, or in friendship, we welcome you! We can be contacted at the email addresses and phone numbers noted below. Financial giving can take place on line at, or by postal mail at EFCA, 901 E. 78th St., Minneapolis, MN 55420. Please use the notation of Harris IMA #1850.

With blessings, love and full hearts,
Brian and Diane Harris