Blowing Out the Candles 1 Birthdays, achievements, new jobs, graduations, births, and even the end of lives well lived are all cause for celebration. The sweetest cause for celebration, though, seems to be the realization of God’s work in our lives.

Over the course of the past couple of years we have experienced God’s movement toward the ministry of pastoring missionaries; and, have celebrated in His promptings. As we have pursued the path He has set before us, we have slowly but surely moved forward in applying to ReachGlobal, being accepted, and now working at building a ministry team.

Many have joined us as prayer partners, one time givers, and monthly financial supporters. What a team! As partners have come around us, we have seen God move in the selling of our home and in finding a new home – a townhouse in Dundas, MN! Also, 39% of our monthly support is now committed!

We know we have just begun the celebration of transition(s); and, in those moments, we are also celebrating life up to this point. God’s grace has been poured out on us in family and ministry. It is amazing to realize that we celebrate the sorrows with the joys. We are grateful.

Join us as you celebrate God in your own lives!