What has January been like for you? There are so many words which can describe the first month of the year. Dark. Cold. Hopeful. Fresh start. Mid-winter.

In between the joy of Christmas and the light-heartedness of Valentine’s Day we have January. A month of contrasts. Beginning with the holiday of New Year’s Day, continuing in some parts of the world into a January thaw, and often ending in the doldrums of mid-winter (or mid-summer south of the equator!) we journey through the month of January.

But, weather and position of the sun aside, what has the month been like for you? Do you feel as though you have had a fresh start to the year? Are you on a good path? Are you talking with Jesus?

As I write this, we are experiencing an arctic blast in Minnesota. Much of the snow melted in a recent “thaw,” and now we are realizing a cold wind and below zero temps. It is a perfect time to have a retreat with Jesus.

Completely quiet days do not come very often, but with a holiday from work I knew I could lean into Jesus for the entire day. Worship. Prayer. Lots of thinking….and being.

So, now as the days of January are disappearing into February, I re-count sweet blessings of a day with Jesus. The cold air may linger around our windows, and the snow is sure to return, but His sweet strength and light uniquely decorate life.