For months I have been compelled by my Lord, to be. To be alone with Him. And then, as I take time to be with Him, I am able to go out into my day – into the world – being where He is.

Where is He? I often need to remind myself that He is in the mess that bothers me, that hurts my heart, or that I would like to avoid. He came to heal the brokenhearted and the sick and that is where He can be found.

So how is it a discipline for me to be with Him where I find Him? It is a training of my heart to see as He sees, to hear as He hears, and to be…with Him. It is an intentional heart that fellowships with Him in the many ways in which he works. As I enter in with Him, I know Him ever deeply, and I pass that on to others in serving them where He is.

This past week I found Him in various situations where I could fellowship with Him as we worked together:
     * Angst of a co-worker facing severe depression
     * Hidden hurt spoken, by a friend, through cruel words to someone I love
     * Locked doors of my work place – a school 
     * Health concerns of my husband
     * Complicated lives of 1,000 middle school students and staff passing through my media center doors each day
     * Pieces of stress leaking out of each of my daughters

And, where is He now? The work week is over. The weekend is beginning. And, with that, the time of Christmas celebration is so very near. Where is He? Where do I need to join Him? He is here. In our home. I am called to be here. Where He is. Being with Him. And then, through the oil of the Holy Spirit, I provide a spot where my family gathers to shed the leaking pain of stress, while celebrating Him, and each other.

We will gather where He is. Share hot cups of coffee. Laugh at the children. Shed a few tears of joyous relief that Christ came at Christmas. And then together, find His power to faithfully serve Him.

Merry Christmas to you and to us!Image