As summer seems to be long over and we are into the fall routines of school and work, we need to be reminded that is not only ok, but important that we rest. Years ago I saw, proudly displayed on a home refrigerator, an award the young son had been given in school:”THE BEST RESTER!” We don’t honor “resters”, usually the accolades go to the driven. But an article in the Denver Post written by Electra Draper, reprinted in the September 5, 2011 Minneapolis Star Tribune, calls us to rest. Below are quotes, in summary form, from that article.

  • “The brain is a machine that needs downtime.”
  • “Americans have become so adverse to being unproductive that many have trouble waiting…..”
  • “Psychologists, ministers, scientists and even politicians are urging revival of the ancient concept of Sabbath.”
  • “Chronically stressed people…desperately seek permission to rest.”
  • “God gave permission for an entire day of rest every week. It’s not just permission it is a commandment.”
  • “Flood the brain with too much information and activity in this region suddenly drops off. This center for smart thinking checks out.”
  • “But when people take time to quiet down the left brain, to forget about to-do lists and to unplug from more input….solutions often percolate up from subconscious.”
  • “The history of creativity is filled with stories like this…a few days of not thinking about a problem, then the answer simply appears.”

So if you need permission, it is okay, you can take a break! Or as the Psalm writer said “Be still and know that I am God!”