Close your eyes. Go ahead. Close them.

Now. Think about the last year of your life. What happened in that year? Were there joyful spots? Spots of sorrow? Loneliness? Laughter? Spiritual growth? Struggles? Worry? Excitement?

With whom did you share those moments? Do you have people in your life who are the hands and feet of Jesus to you?

Now. Imagine you are living in a country other than the one you consider home.  A different language is spoken. You might be learning that language, but it isn’t natural to think in that language. You are there to help establish a church, or maybe you are there to introduce Christ to people. Or, maybe you are there to teach. Imagine you are a missionary.

With whom do you share those moments? A fellow missionary? Possibly, but the nearest companion of that sort may be hours away. Other believers? Maybe. But, the language may not yet be there to share deeply.  Or there may not yet be other believers.

So. Open your eyes. What can be done about this need for missionary care?

Provide a pastor.

When you consider the care afforded you by other believers, it often takes the shape of pastoral care. Ministering care. Listening. Sharing. Praying.

Doors are opening for us to go to Europe to provide this pastoral care for missionaries. A Sheltering Haven ministry. Help us, help them. Missionaries are in need of the hands and feet of Jesus.