We have been in pastoral ministry all of our adult lives.  And, it seems that at one time or another most people need the hands and feet of Jesus in their lives provided by the unique ministry of a pastor.  A great many of us need that type of ministry quite often!  And, missionaries are no different.  They need Jesus “with skin on” just like everyone else does.

Recently, a dear missionary friend of ours working in Europe, put words to this need of a pastor:

Missionaries are just like anyone else and go through difficult struggles.  But they often live with a higher degree of isolation than those who live in their passport country.  Language and cultural barriers and distance from other people who understand them makes these times especially difficult.  During these times it is a great gift to find someone who understands their unique challenges. Our family has experienced firsthand the encouragement and guidance of Brian and Diane during difficult times.  Their presence in Europe will allow them to minister to those who would otherwise be isolated and alone.

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