Pregnant for the first time and on a bit of a road trip with Brian, I burst into tears when we arrived at our destination and my sister-in-law welcomed me at the door. To this day I don’t really know what those tears were all about, but the welcoming embrace, a good meal, a hot bath, and a soft bed seemed to be what I needed.

In our life journeys we all seem to experience those needs in one form or another; and we find them met with the provision of what the Bible calls hospitality. Funny, isn’t it, how hospitality often takes care of inner unnamed needs while taking care of the obvious outer named needs.

In the longing Brian and I have to provide just such a Sheltering Haven for our missionaries, it has become surprise to realize we need the same extension of hospitality toward us. We have begun forming a team to come alongside of us in friendship, emotional and financial support. Our team provides for us so we can provide for others. Thank you to those who have become our companions!

3 John, verses 5-8, says it well:  Dear friend, when you extend hospitality to Christian brothers and sisters, even when they are strangers, you make the faith visible…It’s good work you’re doing, helping these travelers on their way, hospitality worthy of God himself! They set out under the banner of the Name…so they deserve any support we can give them. In providing meals and a bed, we become their companions in spreading the Truth.