“Look!”, Brian whispered to me.  Just yards from our chairs he pointed out two beautiful sandhill cranes pacing across the wide path.  With a haunting prehistoric cry the pair rose into the air giving us a mid-morning surprise of aching beauty.

     It is Labor Day weekend and we are spending 3 precious days at Oak Forest CenterAfter a delightful summer of wedding planning, preparation and celebration with our daughter, Anna, and rigorous training sessions with ReachGlobal, it came time to get away to quietness.  

     Armed with good books, Bibles, camera, and computers we have pulled from every day life to study, write, read, and pen an occasional email.  It feels good to slow down the pace which has recently marked the week days.  And, with the slowing comes the surprise of finding beautiful Indian Paintbrush blossoms on a woodsy walk, the surprise of the blue moon lighting the August sky on the final night of the month, and the surprise of the quaint sandhill cranes.

     Halfway into our self-prescribed retreat we realize the tenderness of God in the surprises we have experienced.  We have needed the quiet, but we also have needed His delight evidenced in the work of His creative hands.  Having enjoyed these spots of surprise, we are now on the lookout for more!  We find them to be good for the heart.

     Look for the surprise in your own day!