When it comes to canoeing, I absolutely trust my husband, Brian, to provide what is needed to get in the water and get moving.  He has the muscle, experience, and intuition to take care of the canoe and me too.

Before we even get in the water plans have been made for the trip.  I know there is no need to worry about the canoe license, the life vests, the paddles, sunscreen, water to drink, food, or even a map.  Brian takes care of it all.  I just get in.

Once we are in the canoe and moving, I contribute what little muscle I have to assist in powering the canoe forward.  But in reality, it is Brian who moves the canoe, guides it and watches out for me too.  And, if we should get into some kind of trouble, I trust him implicitly to get us out of any tough spot; even to the point that he gets out of the canoe and pulls it and me to safety.

If I trust this earthly man, my husband, so fully, wisdom leads to the strong implication that I should trust my heavenly Father even more so.  His supernatural godly muscle, experience, and wisdom take care of the world and me too.  I don’t question Brian when it comes to matters of the canoe because I know he knows what he is doing.  In turn, I am appalled to now realize how often I question the Lord in the matter of life.  I know He knows what He is doing!

Psalm 112:7 reminds me, “…they confidently trust the Lord to care for them.”  May I be known as a woman of such confident trust!Image